Diary of a Beverly Hills Parking Valet

Welcome to the world famous Beverly Garden Hotel – A dazzling Beverly Hills oasis where Hollywood royalty mixes with actual royalty, millionaires take a backseat to billionaires, and the net worth of the cars in its parking lot could finance a small nation.

There are ten things that will get a parking valet at the Beverly Garden fired on the spot. Over the last 14 hours, Luke Brookington has done five of them.

Ripped from the pages of Luke’s diary, Cars and Stars tells a fun and intriguing tale that spans ten years – from Luke’s first day on the job in 2000 to Oscar weekend 2010 and the proverbial shift from hell – where one shaky decision leads to many shaky decisions over the course of a wild night fueled by sex, drugs, and large hamburgers.

Cars and Stars is about a young man with lofty dreams who finds himself trapped in paradise. It’s the tale of transcendental love discovered and lost – possibly forever. Most of all, it’s the story of someone increasingly marginalized – both personally and professionally – and his golden opportunity to change all of that – if only he’ll reach for the magic.




To Willie Jones, human beings are wonderfully unique pieces in a glorious puzzle. To human beings, Willie Jones is an unrealistic dreamer. Freshly fired from the 47th in a long line of wacky jobs and down to his last penny, Willie is dangling by the thinnest of threads.

To Melanie Worth, life is a precise series of movements – one leading safely to the next. Unable to step away from her lifelong plan to marry her grade school sweetheart, Melanie is about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Enter The General – Melanie’s headstrong, hot dog loving Pug. When Willie catches The General in the most unexpected of ways, it sets in motion a chain of events that place Willie and Mel on a collision course with destiny. But will fate be enough to bring these two soulmates together? Or will The General have to take matters into his own paws?