Mindfulness. Such a buzzword. And nearly as partisan as politics. On the one side, you have the people touting its long list of reputed benefits such as lower blood pressure, improved sleep, and a better sex life. On the other you have the backlashers, who argue that only people without problems would even care to be mindful. Mindfulness can also get complicated. And I like to keep things simple. So with that in mind, I’d like to share a nice little life hack I stumbled…Continue Reading “Mindfulness 101: Be The Flamingo”

I tivoed a cat. A real cat. I was switching back and forth between the baseball playoffs and the Packers game – employing my DVR to maximum effect – pausing, rewinding, and watching fabulously athletic plays over and over again when suddenly, outside my window, this squirrel blasted past – skidding and sliding and struggling to maintain its footing – a big orange Tabby cat hot on its heels. The squirrel ran under a side table and the cat, attempting to overtake the squirrel, leapt…Continue Reading “I Tivoed A Cat”